Mariso Food, Inc. was established in 2013 as a trading seafood company to achieve one goal: “To become a Sustainable Seafood Sourcing Solution”. We are proud to bring exceptional quality seafood products and responsible business practices to the market.

We provide a wide range of frozen premium tuna and other marine fish products with continuity of supply and consistent quality from respected suppliers around the world. Our advantage is our existing relationships with manufacturers, buyer network, who always guarantee us the best price for high quality products. This massive resource can ensure that our valued customers will always be able to get the best possible seafood at the most competitive prices. As our progress, we will be bringing more products to serve our customer’s requirements.

Whilst our business has been built around the US market, we are going to extend our potential markets and trade with other countries in the region such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil & South America.

Mariso Food, Inc. cheerly accepts opportunities and challenges from this seafood business and strive to continuosly excel. We believe in our customers’ success as well as ours.